A History and Overview of Pali Furniture

Pali cribs are some of the most thought-after baby furniture on the market today. Much of what is known about the company and the quality of its products comes from word-of-mouth. This article explains some of the history behind Pali cribs and cots and also Pali baby furniture.

The history of Pali furniture is like that of many family businesses. Pali got its start in 1919 when Ermenegildo Pali began manufacturing chairs in his kitchen. He would work all day to produce only a few chairs, allowing his hand-made furniture to remain at the highest quality possible. Soon his operation larger than a family kitchen could hold and into the shed of the Pali family home.

Business grow steadily and soon Ermenegildo became successful enough to require a building dedicated solely to the family's workmanship. Once that building became too crowded, additional areas of land were developed. Finally, in 1962 the company made the decision to shift completely towards a focus on the production of cribs and other baby furniture.

There are a number of reasons Pali baby cribs are considered to be one of the top choices among all baby furniture options. First, all of Pali's cribs are made of Italian Beech wood. Beech is a genus of ten different species of deciduous trees which originate from Asia, North America and Europe. Pali furniture uses only Italian Beech wood, which is considered a commodity in the open market of fine furniture materials. Other typical applications of Beech wood are furniture, veneer plywood, flooring and even railroad ties.

One of the admirable aspects of Pali baby cribs is the attention to baby safety. Pali cribs and cots use the industry standard distance of two and three-eighths inches between slats. Baby crib slats are the wooden bars that reach up the sides of a crib and prevent the child from falling out. Another helpful aspect of the construction of any Pali baby bed is the use of rounding on all edges of each Pali crib. Pali cribs are built to handle the bouncing and movement of an active baby as it develops.

Another area of ​​Pali's expertise is the design and manufacture of baby mattresses. Using the utmost design care, Pali produces mattresses that not only offer a comfortable place to rest, but is engineered to meet the stringent quality standards in the baby furniture industry. Pali baby cots offer three levels of height for the mattress support, which makes the use of the baby cot easier on parents. As the child grows and is able to achieve a sitting position, the mattress can be lowered to ensure the safety of the child.

Pali's history of growing from a small kitchen workshop to one of the greatest producers of baby furniture world wide has been a gradual yet successful process. Its products have helped generations of parents and their baby's thrive during the first eighteen months of life and are likely to continue to do so for a long time.


How to Brush Grain Your Doors and Furniture

Inexpensive wood materials that have been used in doors, wall cladding, and furnishings are not all that pleasing to the eye and painting them with a single flat color will not enhance the appearance either. To replace all these items with good timber it is certainly not a cheap way to go – there is an alternative, to brighten the visual appearance of these items and that is by using the technique of “Brush Graining”.

Graining is an interesting alternative to using flat colors and is a comparatively inexpensive way of suggesting a more expensive finish. It requires the use of a paint brush to achieve the finishes that the name implies; not particularly difficult to achieve. The aim is to create a pleasant finish with a subtle texture, not imitate real timber. Base coat colors must be chosen carefully as they can clash with the topcoat; try to create a more traditional timber effect. Example paint the base color the same color as the lightest shade of the timber you are imitating – this can be off-white for pine, cream or tan for oak to a pink for mahogany.

Brush graining principal; this is where a wood grain is created by applying a fairly light base coat followed by a slightly darker topcoat. Before the topcoat dries you draw the brush across, creating lines of which reveal the lighter base-coat. You can create various effects by changing the basecoat or by the way you draw the brush over the topcoat.

Surface preparation, is as you do normally, fill indentations and sand; apply an oil based color when the filler and primer are dry. Try achieving the smoothest finish possible for your base coat.

Applying the topcoat or commonly called “scumble” coat preferably oil based, you will find a fairly wide range of colors available. The scumble should be thinner and more transparent than normal paint as its purpose is not to obliterate but compliment the base coat; it only requires an addition of thinners to bring it to the correct consistency.

When applying the scumble, paint one complete section at a time so that the grain effect along a single panel is continuous. Apply evenly making sure the brush marks run in one direction only; do not obliterate the base coat. Where you would like to have lighter areas in the final effect, simply draw the edge of the brush through the scumble in a scrubbing action – if you want a darker effect simply add more top coat.

The grain effect finish; do not use a normal paint brush as this will tend to soak up too much of your topcoat, use a open-bristle brush like a wall papering brush or you can make/cut combs of various fineness out rubber, plastic leather, experiment to see which you are more comfortable with. Then draw the brush/comb through the topcoat before it dries keeping your graining nearly parallel to the edge of the panel. If the panel is wide and requires say three strokes/runs make sure they all run parallel and you keep a consistent pressure on the brush or comb. You can if you want soften the grain slightly by gently brushing across it with a soft brush.

If you make a mistake while graining the scumble/topcoat do not try to touch it up, because once it is dry the mistake will show even more so, better idea is to brush out the grain and start again from the beginning. Protection; lacquer the timber with one or two coats (lightly rub down between coats) once your topcoat is dry to protect it.

Trust this will help brighten up that dull furniture.

Cheers Darryl.


Never Use Furniture to Hold an Aquarium – Set-Up Tip 3

Furniture is not the right choice to support an aquarium. In Tip 2 – Do you really need a stand? of this Set-Up series, we discussed the reasons for placing an aquarium on a properly manufactured stand. We can not emphasize this enough. Tables are rarely made to support heavy objects in general, even though the top may appear quite solid. The underlying support holding the table, the legs and braces required to keep the table top in proper shape and prevent warping are rarely in the proper place to ensure that there is absolutely no variance over time. The only exception is when the table is exactly the same size as the aquarium – which is often only in the case of a designed aquarium stand.

Often the table legs are not made to consistently support the overall weight of the tank and its contents. As mentioned, just a little warp in the top surface over time is enough. The tank has suddenly cracked and the contents are on the floor. This is not a defect in the aquarium, it probably was made correctly and the glass plates were solid enough to do the job for extended periods. The problem is the stress created by the improper support surface that was applied to the glass and the failure was created. Tables are made to hold standard objects, which are not so loaded that minor changes in the table facing would cause stress. The combination of a full aquarium placed on a surface without proper underlying support is definitely not a match made in heaven.

But it is not just tables that should never be used. It is even more important to ensure that the aquarium is never placed over electronic equipment. If water is spilled during any time when the aquarium is placed on a stereo cabinet or component cabinet, you can just bet it will fall into depleted electrical components and probably cause a short circuit. Water always seeks its own level, and will move in ways that are difficult to predict. But you can be sure, if you have put the aquarium on the stereo cabinet, that any water that is spilled from the tank in any way will find its way into elaborate electrical components. If the tank breaks, then besides the water damage, there goes the electrical units as well.

Never place a water container over an electrical component.

Always remember, just because a surface appears to be perfectly smooth to the naked eye does not mean it actually is correct to hold up an aquarium. Any place where the surface is higher or lower – in some way not perfectly flat – when contacting the aquarium glass panes is a place where a stress crack can and probably will occur. Do not take a chance on an imperfection or unsafe surface causing a catastrophic failure in the aquarium and a flood of problems.

In most cases, a manufactured stand does not even try to support the whole tank. Rather the supports are designed to hold the four corners only, they must be level. Seemingly against common sense, no other contact needs to be made with the aquarium edges, and usually is not adviseable. As long as there is no pressure along the edges and the four corners are solidly held, the stand will not be able to apply deadly pressure to the glass that will cause a stress crack and break the fish tank.


Home Decorating Ideas For Different Furniture Styles

Have you ever thought about the many different furniture styles? Probably you have ever watched a program TV, where they showed people how to update an entire room of your house; let’s say the living room or bedroom. You can also read everywhere about the rustic style or about the Italian designs. However, do you know really what do these styles mean? We go deep into the different styles, which are the most demanded around the globe. Let’s start:

Rustic: This style is known because the using of natural materials. The pieces of furniture included into the rustic designs use to be handcrafted, with a strong cultural and regional touch in their pieces. Rustic style also brings to any home the feeling of begin more comfortable. It also reflects to be on most of their instances, casual tends, which makes it more personal than other styles.

Antique: Antique furniture styles are characterized by European interior houses designs. What is very important to point up is the fact of antique furniture is commonly made to be used, not displayed. This makes of antique designs look boring or without further interesting additions, such as fancy details.

Modern: What we need to know about modern furniture is the clean lines that offers to the room itself. Modern styles for interior designs are often made of vinyl, plastic or chrome. These materials came up around the 50’s, and since then they have found a place into modern houses, as the standard.

European furniture

This style of furniture can be roughly split in 3 main branches: Italian, English and French. We begin by the Italian, because it is becoming very popular over the last decade for US citizens. Why? because the Italian style offer a wide range of materials to choose from, from wood up to marble, stone or fabric. Furniture pieces into the Italian furniture are ornate as well as large, sometimes using Roman sculpture and architecture. We go then to the French style. If you like crowed decorating prices of furniture, French is definitely yours. It often includes designs, elaborated and perhaps handcrafted with detailed carvings, with highly ornate patterns.

Fancy details with English furniture

The English furniture has been always made of woods, including principally walnut, oak or mahogany. This styles is very close to the American rustic one, due to its fancy details and the use of natural colors. The predominant color used on these pieces of furniture used to be is dark or natural colors. However, it depends on the era you base the English home decoration.

In the current world, there exist so many styles, materials and furniture designs, and it is evolving year after year. All type of influences comes up every day on furniture designers, and changes in the technology of materials affect directly on the new home decorating ideas.


Part 1: How to Clean and Refinish Solid Wood Furniture

There's just something about wood. The textures, the colors, the natural beauty that makes it a perfect choice for home furnishings. In fact, there's a renewed appreciation for wood as a natural resource and as a result, more and more people want to restore rather than discard their used but still serviceable furniture. In part 1 of this 4 part series I explain how to go about cleaning your solid wood furniture in preparation for refinishing.

Before You Start

Before starting the process, let me point out a couple of housekeeping items that you'll want to keep in mind. First, it's best to put a square of plastic or tarp underneath the piece of furniture that you'll be working on. Additionally, the room should be well ventilated and for obvious reasons, you should not be wearing your best clothes.

You'll also want to be working in an area with good light. In front of a window is ideal during the daytime because then you'll have an oblique source of light off the surface that you are refinishing. Photographic light does the job as well … something that allows you to see the surface and examine it for defects.

The Cleaning Process

The two main tools we'll use during the cleaning process are a citrus based solvent and the slightly abrasive Scotch-Brite domestic cleaning pad. The key ingredient in citrus based solvent is delemonine; a compound made from the skins of oranges and lemons. I recommend that you use a block of some type to hold the Scotch-Brite pad. Wrapping the pad around a small wood block for example will make it easier to work with. You can also find purpose designed rubber blocks at most good hardware stores.

The first step in the process is to spray a light film of solvent over the area to be cleaned. Then use the Scotch-Brite block to rub back and forth with the grain in long strokes. This can be done at quite a leisurely pace since you want to give the solvent time to work. Any larger articles of dirt or grime attached to the surface that are not removed during this process can be effectively dislodged with the edge of a credit card and then refinished with the pad.

Next, clean off the residue of the solvent with a paper towel. Take note of how dirty the paper towel gets. A very dirty towel indicates that the surface is not yet clean, in which case you should dry the surface and repeat the exercise. Continue doing this until the residue on the paper towel is actually just the color of the solvent.

The final step in the cleaning process is rub the surface with a dry Scotch-Brite pad. Again, use long even strokes to rub with the grain to produce an sheen over the whole surface. This prepares the surface for the next step, re-oiling. Before moving on to that stage however, allow time for any remanents of the citrus solvent to evaporate.


Antique Victorian Furniture – Getting to Know Rococo

Serious collectors and dealers of antique Victorian furniture are inevitably familiar with the Rococo style of design. The furniture style of Victorian Rococo, sometimes referred to as Victorian Louis XV or Louis Quinze, started gaining its enormous popularity in England during the 1840s.

Rococo style in general, which went well beyond furniture into architecture, painting and other forms of art, originated in France during the previous century and spread from there to other parts of Europe. In England during the 18th century, Rococo was considered “French taste” and did not take hold as an architectural style. However, the incomparable Thomas Chippendale adapted and refined the style for furniture and brought about a transformation of design in English furniture. Some link the development of Rococo in England to the revived interest in Gothic architecture.

As it developed in the Victorian era of the 19th century, it is often called neo-Rococo or Rococo revival, since it was a style revived from the previous century. In furniture it became hugely popular and proved to be the longest lasting influence on the furniture design of the Victorian era. In the 1840s and especially in the decades to follow, almost every furniture manufacturer in England was making Rococo pieces.

The furniture was both visually appealing and comfortable. Carvings and scrolled lines were delicate but typically not overstated or overbearing. Characteristics of the furniture included curved legs, cartouche backs with scrolled rounded contours, and carvings of flowers, leaves, grapes and birds.

The naturalistic carvings are a predominant feature, and anyone who gets involved with the furniture of this era becomes intimately familiar with them. I just recently saw a Rococo sofa that had birds and a birds’ nest filled with eggs carved into its gorgeous wooden frame. Like Victorian literature, this may not be for everybody. But for those of us who are taken by it, there’s no explaining our admiration.

The makers of the furniture bent and shaped the wood. Favored woods included mahogany and rosewood. Side chairs were prevalent, and antique Victorian furniture collectors today who are looking in particular for Victorian chairs consider Rococo side chairs to be among the most desirable — attractive, comfortable, and collectible.

Sofas were of various lengths. One popular style of sofa had a rounded medallion in the center of the back, with a carving at the top repeated on either side farther down the frame. Graceful love seats had upholstered wooden frames and were serpentine in shape with the characteristic natural carvings on the back and the arms. Also popular during the Victorian Rococo era were the upholstered husband and wife chairs. The husband chair had arms and a high back. The wife chair was a bit lower and armless.

A famous American cabinetmaker who worked in the Victorian Rococo style was John Henry Belter. Belter perfected lamination techniques and became famous for a number of design features, including his preference for rosewood, his foliage, fruit and flowers worked into the intricate details of his designs, his skill in bending wood into serpentine and rounded contours, and his beds with headboards that rose well above the height of the footboards. Belter’s shop was in New York City, but he shipped his work to all parts of the country. So keep your eye out for Belter’s exquisite work, no matter where you are.

Here’s a last bit of information. The word Rococo is a combination of the French word rocaille, which some translate as shell but also contains the sense of loose rock. It indicates the curve characteristic of Rococo style. The word also contains the Italian word barocco, which is our Baroque. The Baroque period was known for its intricacy and elaboration.


In Focus – Contemporary Solid Wood Platform Bed Bedroom Furniture Set

There’s such a thing nowadays as a platform bed mania and if you haven’t been hooked, you probably have a lot of catching up to do.  Platform beds are great-looking, affordable bedroom furniture alternatives to whipping up a sleek yet powerful air into your bedroom with a lot of oriental presence.  If you want your bedroom to make lasting impressions on those honored to take  a peek,  these low-set beds won’t fail you.

If you want a minimalist effect in your bedroom furniture set where only colors and shapes rule, platform beds make great attractions.   What’s great about these beds is their versatility.  They sure go with other pieces of furniture you might have which may not necessarily be of the same furniture era.  A plain, sharp-edged cherry wood bed, for example, still goes great against even your antique nightstand or side table.  And they have a way of pulling all the other furniture pieces in the room  into one harmonized body of décor that just won’t go wrong from whatever angle you choose to behold them.

Although its popularity has spread like crazy,  some people still don’t know much about a platform bed, if they’ve heard about it at all.  For starters, this is  a flat, low-profile bed that relies on an inbuilt structure for support.  That means it doesn’t come with box springs.  This type of bed is propped up by multiple slats or panels of wood or metal running right across its width.   What you’ll love most about it is its back-friendly tendencies.  If you’re still using a typical bed, you’ve probably had to deal with a bad back every now and then – mostly because of the box springs.  With a platform bed, you can bid goodbye to that.  Because these low-set beds come by themselves with no springs attached, they can give your back a  cushy pampering.  Now, that should make a lot of difference as bedroom furniture!

Another factor that makes a platform bed a hit, whether adults admit it or not, is that campy feeling you get when you’re on one.  Remember when you were a kid and  loved putting your beddings on the floor which you made a bed of with your same-age cousins and friends.  In an odd but interesting way, that was exciting for children and it gave them a lot of reason to feel like being in a picnic or some camp. In the same odd but interesting way, that must be how it goes with this whole craze about platform beds – kid or not. 


Adirondack Chairs: Incorporating Them in Your Interior Design

Upon hearing the words "Adirondack chairs," most individuals probably think about relaxing times at coastal locations. Certainly, Adirondack furniture was initially designed for such exterior spaces, but that's no reason to limit yourself to this application. More and more designers are bringing Adirondack chairs and other furniture indoors, for these reasons:

1. It is strong and sturdy. Adirondack chairs are low to the ground and nearly impossible to knock over – meaning that they're the perfect seat for all ages. And this furniture is so strong that it can last for generations, assuming it receives the correct maintenance.

2. It is not too pricey, especially compared to traditional indoor furniture. It's rare to find an entitlement living room set for under than a thousand bucks. On the other hand, you can find an endless set of Adirondack furniture for less than you would otherwise pay for a single couch. (Keep your eyes peeled for end-of-season sales in late summer and early fall.)

Bonus: with this furniture you may not have to buy as many pieces, since you can use the wide armrests on these chairs rather than buying separate side tables.

3. It can stand up to pets and kids, and it cleans up fast. Adirondack furniture can seem like a godsend for those with children, pets and generally messy family members. Kitty's clawing and Fido's chewing are no match for the sturdy construction of Adirondack chairs. And even the messiest kids can not do much permanent damage to a set of this furniture – just get out the soap and water, or sand down and re-stain spots with stubborn stains.

4. Most interior design styles are complimented by this furniture. These chairs feature smooth, simple lines that flatter most décor styles. If you have a modern theme going in your living room, a set of simple white Adirondack chairs would suit your space well. Throw in some pale yellow paint, a flowery stencil pattern, and a couple of wide-brimmed straw hats and the same set of Adirondack furniture would look great in a French country-style setting. Because this furniture can be endlessly customized with paint and stains, it's a snap to adapt to any style.

Interior Design Tips for Adirondack Furniture

1. Positioning tips: Repetition and Symmetry. The simple, understated style of these chairs is complimented by symmetry and repetition. One excellent way to arrange Adirondack furniture indoors is to place four chairs in two pairs, facing each other. This organization scheme will encourage conversation while elevating the style of any room.

2. Seek out fire-resistant materials. Fire-retardant Adirondack chairs and tables will help protect your family.

3. Add comfortable accessories. Fluffy pillows, blankets, seat covers, and other accessories can make your Adirondack chairs feel luxuriously comfortable.

4. Liberally apply felt pads. Adirondack chairs will scratch wood floors unless you place felt pads on the bottom of each chair leg.

5. Consider recycled plastic chairs. Adirondack furniture is no longer limited to wood. Today's manufacturers also offer Adirondack furniture made out of recycled plastic products, such as Polywood. Recycled plastic Adirondack furniture is low-maintenance and lightweight.

Clearly, there are many advantages to bringing this furniture into your interior design schema. You may be surprised how much your family prefers Adirondack chairs to other styles of furniture.


Furniture Removal Tips – How To Pack Your Kitchen Plates and Bowls

Here we have a basic kitchen. We are going to show what it takes to wrap and pack the kitchen. First of all is actually setting up a work area that works for you. It means clearing a space on a table or bench and getting it ready for the packing process. We prepare our materials, such as packing paper and packing cartons designed for furniture removals. Large T / Chest cartons for clothes and linen etc. The heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top.

For books we use small book cartons and for crystal glass and fragile goods you use the fragile cartons which are slightly thicker. We put the boxes on another small box to raise the height and protect our backs, and now we have a safe working area.

What we want to do here when we are wrapping crockery and china and crystal glasses is wrap them in paper and place them in the cartons which is fairly simple. An important factor you always want to consider through is always always the item in the box to be vertical which is very important.

You do not want to wrap your plates up and place them flat because when the truck goes over a bump the movement of the truck can crack all your plates in the middle. You always wrap them up and put them in vertically. Same thing with bowls or vases you really do not want to lay them down. You want your items vertical. With your fragile crystal and glasses you really want them standing up.

Here we have your plates etc, which have several ways they can be wrapped. You want to make sure your plates are wrapped in several layers of paper in stacks of three or more plates. What you do is place your plate in the middle and wrap it a couple pieces of wrapping paper, then put another plate, wrap up the corner properly, get another plate, put it on top and tip it over, put another sheet of paper, put another plate, roll it over, put another plate and take multiple sheets, and wrap up the whole stack so they are wrapped and completely protected.

Now we put these vertically in the packing carton. Then wrap and pack the smaller plates. What we have now is the first layer in the box with the heavier, larger plates and bowls. Now we put a thick layer of protective paper cushioning on top of this layer. We now put the layer of fragile crystal and glasses. Because glasses are more fragile you lay them on their side and wrap them up nicely and loosely. You wrap each glass twice loosely and you take the glass and stand it up in the carton.

So now we have your dish pack full and what you need to do now is fill the top of the boxes with additional paper as the final protective cushioning. What you want to do now is lift up the lid of the box and create a perimeter so you can put more paper in nice and loosely so there is plenty cushioning. Then when you close the lid on your carton it is nice and tight. Now you have a properly packed dish pack. In theory you should be able to drop it and nothing will break.

Not that a professional mover, or you as a customer, is going to do that but when it is professionally packed your goods should arrive completely safe and sound.


Types Of Bathroom Furniture

Most interior designers find it challenging to design and decorate a well-facilitated bathroom. For most people, it is the perfect place to relax and release the body and mind from the clutches of routine tensions and stress. It provides personal space to individuals and therefore necessitates pleasant décor. There is a baffling range of bathroom accessories and furniture to appeal to people with varied tastes. From traditional to contemporary, the range is endless and come in all price brackets.

Vanity sink cabinets are a popular choice among cabinets. They come with sleek and stylish countertops made of various materials. Most people, who have smaller bathrooms, prefer to have cabinets that include a mirror and shaver sockets. Generally, cabinets are designed to include drawers for keeping undergarments and other necessary items. Many people prefer oak or maple cabinets. Rattan furniture and Wicker furniture is highly popular as it combines strength and intricate designs. Wicker furniture offers a rustic look to the furniture and is made from bamboo, reed, willow, or synthetic fibers. A large number of wicker objects can be included in the bathroom to complement the furniture. This form of furniture is inexpensive and easily available. Most common type of wicker furniture includes chest of drawers to keep linen.

Contemporary bathrooms include lavish bathtubs, which come in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. Bathtubs can come in round, rectangular or a square shape. Bathtubs can be made of stainless steel, ceramic or glass. Acrylic baths are also very popular among most individuals as they are devoid of the cold metallic feel. However, stainless steel baths score over acrylic baths as they last longer and are easier to maintain. Washbasins are also designed aesthetically to complement the décor of the bathroom.

Bathroom furniture can be complimented by choosing matching or contrast furnishings such as curtains. Many people select furniture and accessories that complement the bedroom furniture as well.


Dolls House Furniture – Make Play Time Much More Fun For Your Child

Before video gaming consoles and computers started to take over, kids used to spend most of their time playing with toy cars, action figures and dolls. It was common to see little girls holding their dolls and little boys playing with their toy cars outdoors. If you want to relive these moments with your daughters, then make sure that they are exposed to dolls at a young age. Shower your kids with dolls houses, doll figures and dolls house furniture so that they can make use of their imagination while playing.

Dolls house furniture is an important aspect of any miniature house. Just like a house is not a home without furniture to make those living in it comfortable, a scaled down toy house is not going to suffice if it has no furniture inside. Get your daughter a dolls house, and she will certainly demand that you get her some furniture to go with it. Furniture made for miniature houses comes in a variety of forms and are fashioned to look very much like the real thing but scaled down. The intracyclical of the designs and the attention to detail that doll furniture makers put to their art is amazing.

If you want to get some dolls house furniture for your daughter or granddaughter there are several options that you can choose from. You can take a pick from a wide array of designs; from plastic furniture pieces to wooden furniture pieces. Choosing furniture for a dolls home can be as difficult as choosing furniture for an actual house there is so much to choose from. You can even buy the furnishings in sets to make it easier for you to choose. These sets come equipped with all the necessary furniture a doll needs to be comfortable; from beds, living room sets, bathtubs to miniature teacups and plates, you can find just about any piece of furniture for your daughters toy house as you would for your own home.

Getting your daughter some dolls house furniture can teach her to let her creative side take over. With these simple miniature furniture pieces, your daughter can easily learn how to furniture in the house and how to keep everything organized. Just because everything now functions with computers, does not mean you should limit what your child can play with. While gaming consoles and educational computer games can help foster your child's development, it is still better to encourage them to use their imagination from time to time. There is perhaps no better way to do this for a little girl than letting them play with dolls.


Cat Furniture – Making Your Own Cat Scratching Post

Cats need to scratch. That's their way of exercising toes and removing old claw sheaths. Aside from that, it just feels good. You can buy a cat scratching post, make your own, or see your sofa destroyed. Cat furniture does not have to be complex or difficult. It does need to be stable, though. Let's think about a basic cat scratching post. There are only 3 components; a base, a post, and a top. We'll look at each.

The base. A cat scratching post needs to be stable. A post that tips over when in use can scare your cat away, often never to return. The base should be at least 16 "by 16" square and cut from 3/4 "plywood or particle board. you have scraps from your home it will match your décor. Cut pile carpet will not snag your cat's claws like shag or loop. surface Fast, easy, neat.

The post. The scratching post itself is made from two pieces of 2×4 nailed together. Typical post height should be longer than your cat is tall (stretched out). Cats like to stretch when scratching. Most commercial cat scratching posts are 26 "to 30" tall. Nail your 2×4's together and cut both ends square. You will wrap the post with 1/4 ", non-oiled, sisal rope. This kind of rope is sold at most hardware stores or home centers. To determine the amount of rope you need you can figure about five feet for each inch in post height For example a 30 "scratching post would need 5 x 30, or 150 '. Sisal is the best cat scratching medium and is very inexpensive. To wrap the post first drill a quarter inch hole about one inch deep anywhere very near the bottom edge of the post and at the top edge. These are where you will anchor the rope. Attach the post to the top of the carpeted base with four 3 "long deck screws. Screw tightly right through the carpet. the rope around the post. You must wrap it tightly. After every ten or twelve wraps, while maintaining tension, use a hammer to tap the wraps together. and you'll have a gap at the top. When you get to the top use your hot melt again to anchor the end of the rope in the hole you drilled before.

The top. The simplest top for this cat furniture is just a wooden cap that keeps the rope from slipping off. You can buy decorative fence post caps at home stores or just cut a piece of wood about 4 "x 4.5". Simply nail or screw the cap in place. If you really like your cat you could give it a cat perch by making a wooden box with inside dimensions of 14 "x 14" x 3 ". place. If you spray the post with catnip extract your cat will go crazy over his new post.

Depending on just what you have to buy this project can probably be done for $ 30 or so. You can check http://www.katsrule.com for inspiration and ideas.

Bill of materials.
Scrap carpet, at least 16 "x 16". Cut pile is best.
Plywood, 16 "x 16".
Two 2×4's between 26 "and 30"
Sisal rope, about 150 '.
Wooden top cap, 4 "x 4.5"
Deck screws, 3 "


5 Types Of Kids Furniture Every Playroom Needs

When it comes to designing a playroom, there are certain types of furniture that should be included in every plan. Storage should be considered absolutely critical while chairs, benches, or other types of seat are also important. Tables can prove a beneficial addition when your son or daughter wants something to lean on to play or to color or paint. Other accessories include wall panels that incorporated a game or something fun to do while accessories like coat stands, potty chairs, and more can finish off a playroom perfectly.

1 – Storage, Storage, And More Storage

Storage is always important in any room but can prove especially so in a playroom where kids' toys and general clutter will collect in no time. Fortunately, there are a great many different storage options available that include dedicated storage items like dressers and toy boxes, or items like benches and even stools may also include some storage functionality in order to make them fun and exciting as well as useful.

2 – Chairs And Benches

Your child will want to sit down while playing or resting, and while kids may enjoy sitting on the floor on occasion, it is also a good idea to ensure that they have adequate seating. Fortunately, kid's chairs are small and you can buy plastic or foam ones that are safe and long lasting as well as good looking and practical. Benches can also be useful, especially themed ones that also have storage under the seat of the bench.

3 – Rockers

A rocker is a comfortable and enjoyable alternative or addition to a normal chair. Kids will find them especially good fun and modern rockers are safe and good looking. They are most commonly made from wood because it is easier to create the rocking motion. Wooden rockers should be treated so that they will last for longer and be strong and sturdy through their lives.

4 – Tables

As well as chairs, tables are a convenient and functional item for inclusion in a playroom. Standard tables and chairs can be bought as part of a set so that they match in terms of design and so that the chairs or benches should slot perfectly under the table. There are also more playful and exciting tables that may include a play set or other form of game on the top and storage underneath. Play tables are large tables that are built to be easily cleaned and will withstand the weight of a child or children leaving over them which they will inevitably do.

5 – Accessories

Certain items like coat stands and prayer stools do not typically fall into any of these categories but may be considered an essential for your child's playroom. Every child is different and every room design is different too so the important thing is choosing those items that your child wants or needs the most in their playroom. Other than that you can let your imagination go wild and find the most fun and exciting, as well as the most practical items available.


Why Not Get Your Patio Furniture From A Clearance Sale?

It can be great decorating the patio area and you could totally transform a bare patio into something cozier and much more relaxing with the addition of some great furniture. Patio furniture really can help to create a great look that you may desire, as well as adding something to any open spaces within your garden. It helps you to relax and to forget about your worries and generally just to enjoy the long summer days. Sometimes sometimes patio furniture can be extremely expensive!

Finding Cheap Patio Furniture

It can be great when you go into your local department store and see that they have to have a clearance to get rid of stock they could not shift before. You can get some great patio furniture at some great prices at clearance sales so it is definitely worth looking at them whenever possible. So if you have a blank patio space and the hot summer months are coming up, then why not get down to the clearance sales and grab yourself some great patio furniture at prices which you can afford? You will be able to get a whole lot more for your money and this means that you can add a lot of things to your patio.

If you entertain a lot then you will want plenty of chairs or places for everyone to sit down so you should ideally look into getting plenty of chairs in the clearance sales. You need to take full advantage of the sales to get exactly what you want and hopefully you can get it all at a great price without having to worry about anything or having to take a loan out to pay for it all at full price. It can cost so much money for high quality full patio furniture sets and that is why it is great for so many people when they do these at clearance sales. Because of this it allows people to get patio furniture at prices which they can afford.

What Style of Furniture Should You Get in the Clearance Sales?

If you have an idea of ​​what you are after then this can make it easier when searching for it in the sales, but sometimes people go in and they are just amazing at the selection available to them. This may seem like a good idea, but you may get it home and you may not be as pleased with it as you thought you first was. It is always good to have some sort of idea of ​​what you want to go into the patio area to add something extra to it. So if you are looking for patio furniture in the sales then good luck and hopefully you will be more than pleased with it.


Outdoor Patio Furniture Choices

Picture the scene, you have spent months planning your new patio, paid the salesman to measure up and ask you your desires. Its been a hard few months waiting for all the mess to be cleared away, but now, you have your new patio fitted. You have got some lovely patio doors overlooking your patio – clear glass places of course – and now you are waiting for that next sunny day to take advantage of your new space.

If you are in the UK, you will be less expectant than others for that next sunny day, but eventually, it will come! Before the great weather does arrive, you need to think about the furniture you are going to need in order to have the perfect afternoon for you to sit out on your new patio.

You have several choices when it comes to patio furniture, a selection of the most popular and benefits are listed below.

1) Table and chairs, in either plastic, wood or metal. I think it goes without saying that you will always need a table to and chair to enjoy your outside experience on a patio. As I always hear as a kid, sitting on a cold stone floor will give me problems I do not want! So decide on which medium will suit your outside space (and budget)

2) BBQ either gas powered or standard coal burning. This decision comes down to a couple of choices in my opinion. Can you afford a gas powered BBQ and do you like the taste of the food on a gas powered one?
I sometimes prefer my food done on a coal BBQ for the smokey flavor.

3) Outdoor heater. This is one item which will increase the amount of time that you can use your patio area. If you have an outdoor heater, you can entertain at night time without your guests getting cold. The only problem with these heaters is the environmental cost – now that can be a concern.

I hope this article gives you some points on how to accessorize your outside area.


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